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There’s a saying, ” It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a’coming.”

Jesus died on Friday. The disciples and many of the Jews were disappointed, depressed and probably even angry.

” They said unto Him, concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people: And how the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to be condemned to death, and have crucified Him. But we trusted that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel. ” Luke 24:19-21a

Even though Jesus had told them He would rise again three days after dying, they didn’t get it, understand what He meant and/or believe it. So Saturday comes and He’s dead. What are they going to do? They had loved Him, spent time with Him, trusted Him and put their hopes in Him. They knew He was sent from God, but, now everything had gone to hell in a hand basket.

What they didn’t know on Saturday, is that He really had gone to hell. His plan of redemption was going just as He planned. Things were right on schedule.

Sunday came and Yeshua Messiah had indeed delivered them and everyone whom had come before and whom would come after them. He conquered death and hell. He brought grace and mercy instead law and judgement. He brought renewal and complete healing.

Are you stuck on Saturday? Your dreams have died. You don’t know what the Creator is doing. You love Him, you’ve spent time with Him, you’ve trusted Him, you’ve put all your hopes in Him, you’ve heard Him talk, you’ve read His promises and given your praise and worship to Him. But, everything looks like its gone to hell in a hand basket. So much has turned to ashes, fallen apart or been destroyed.

Believe me when I say I know.  I’m at this very moment stuck on Saturday. I’m wondering when Sunday is going to get here. Unlike the disciples, I know Sunday is Resurrection Day and everything will be put back together. Will He let me die stuck on Saturday? Or will I indeed see all He planned come to fruition. How long will I be stuck on Saturday? Its been years already. How many years do I have left until Sunday arrives?

He’s still proving that He conquered death and hell. He’s still bringing beauty from ashes. He’s still making something out of nothing.

I just have to be patient and keep trusting Him. Sunday’s a’coming.

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FAKE GRAND CANYON   Leave a comment

I was on itunes buying some songs and remembered a song from the 90’s by Susan Ashton called Grand Canyon. Its a great song and really ministers to the soul. But I couldn’t help but think how our feelings are sometimes just that and don’t reflect reality.

Though we sometimes “feel” far away from Jesus, its not at all true, ever, if our name is in the Lamb’s Book Of Life. Once we have accepted His sacrifice on the cross for our sins and waywardness, that canyon gap is closed. When that earthquake hit and the veil to the Holy Of Holies was ripped apart allowing our immediate access anytime, it also closed the gap between The Father and us, permamently.

A great song that reflects this gap closure, is a recent song by Mercy Me – Flawless. Do we really understand the full meaning of Jesus’ words on the cross when He said, ” It Is Finished.” ? ( check out Petra’s song – It Is Finished or White Heart’s song – Once And For All)  ~~~ scripture refs – Hebrews 10:10, John 19:30, Romans 5 (whole chapter).

I can’t help but think that our enemy wants us to think that we are far from Jesus sometimes, when we really are not ,ever, once our name is in Jesus’ book. Its just a facade that he wants us to think reflects reality, when it doesn’t. That’s why Psalm 23:4 says “shadow” of death, because we are just in its shadow and not actually touching it or in it. So don’t fall for his lies, we are always in the shadow of Jesus’ wings though (close enough to touch Him/for Him to touch us anytime). ~~~ Psalm 57:1;61:4;63:7;91:4. Don’t touch death, but do touch Jesus. It works the other way too – death doesn’t touch us but Jesus does. (Though our souls leave these earthly bodies, its not really death for those under His grace.) ~~~ Hosea 13:14;I Corinthians 15:55&56

(scripture refs for Book Of Life – Philippians4:3, Revelation 3:5;13:8;17:8;20:12;



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Don’t you just love when JESUS resurrects and restores something?

He does say He IS The Resurrection and The Life.

Experiencing that in reality is awesome!

Ezekiel 26:36  – A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.

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Not Understanding The Religion Concept   2 comments

I think I may be in the dark about religion. Looking back at all the blogs I’ve read – All the news articles I’ve read –  All the comments left in various places that I’ve read – All the comments and statements I’ve heard people say about it – I am now thinking that maybe I really have no idea what is being talked about.

How much do I really understand about something that I have never experienced myself? How much understanding do I get from only observing others’ experiences and listening to their thoughts and comments? What’s the validity of what others are saying the definition of religion is – both for or against it?

I would like to be an understanding and compassionate person towards others. And I do my best to be that. But I’m wondering how successful I can be in that endeavor. Of course, who’s definition of success am I using?

I don’t like to be called a religious person. From what I have gathered from observing others, I don’t like religion and I don’t want to be associated with it. But it also seems I am not able to totally disassociate from it due to the “comes with the territory” principle. Things are too interwoven to be completely separated from religion or at least the appearance of it.

Is it possible to be committed Christian and be completely separated from religion? I would very much like that to be possible. If I say I am religious, am I? If I say I am not religious, am I not? What about someone else? If someone else says I’m religious, am I? What if they say I’m not religious, am I not? Who really determines if someone is religious or not?

RELATIONSHIP – now that’s my thing. I LOVE my relationship with Jesus Christ. And I would give it up if I found someone who treats me better. About fifteen years ago I did go looking for something better than what I had. It was fueled by disappointment and unmet expectations. I couldn’t find anyone better, so I just said, well I might as well just stick with what I have and make the best of it. That’s when things really got bumped up to a whole ‘nother level. Another level that was exquisite and more than I could imagine. I just spent another two to three years in another valley, but this time I didn’t go looking for something else, just waited for things to change for the better. And last month, they finally did. Its been a miracle to me. I don’t know exactly what or how He did it, but He did something wonderful for me and to me.

Wish and pray everyone could experience this. Can’t cry too long when I see they don’t.

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Its been over two years since I blogged. Life does seem to get in the way, putting obstacles on the path we are walking. I’ve missed blogging. I want to get back to it. Its a little bit scary going in this time (vs. new and exciting before). Social media/networks, like a lot of things, has its pros and cons. And some of the risks are riskier as time goes on. Things change – desires, modes of operation, thought patterns, what’s acceptable and what’s not, what’s tolerated and what’s not.

Bottom line – I still want to be that person that gives that little needed word of encouragement to even just one person. And using any means I can is still an option.

Its January – always a good time for, “Let’s try this again.” Always a good time to see life giving us a clean slate. Time for a redo or two. Time for reboots and fresh starts. Time to forget the past and press on towards the future. Time for hope to shine again. Time to forget about the disappointments and failures. Time to dream new dreams or pursue the broken or dead ones again. They just might be resurrected.

So, here’s to getting back into the saddle! Let’s see where this horse carries us this year.

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Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello   Leave a comment

Well, its December and the year is drawing to a close. Some years are better than others, some worse. I think its been a rough year for alot of people, me included and though some good things have happen, I can’t help but think about the things that weren’t so fun. And in that light I’m happy to see 2012  go and I am looking forward to 2013. There is alot of new hope on the horizon for me and my family.

My hope and prayer is that that can be said for many other people too. Wounds have been gouged deep, very deep for some of us.  ~~~ 2 Corinthians 4:8&9 – ” We are hard-pressed on every sided, but not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. “

Honestly, not quite sure about the not being in despair part, there are alot of people despairing, and there have been people struck down and destroyed, but Jesus is still in control and He still looks on with love and compassion. Jesus still is very trustworthy and He will heal every wound if we let Him. He is very faithful to complete every good work in us if we let Him. (Philippians 1:6)

So let Jesus Christ heal and restore you today. Let Him love you as only He can. Let Him give you hope for the future.

Merry Christams & Happy Hanukkah everyone !

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10,000 Reasons   2 comments

Here I am trying to look at the 10,000 reasons to be thankful, when 10,000 reasons not to keep parading before me. Fight with me to keep being thankful and appreciate even the littlest things in life.

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My hope, prayer and desire is to scatter the following:

A Few Laughs


Moral Support


The Love of Jesus

The Joy of Jesus

The Peace of Jesus

The Patience of Jesus

The Kindness of Jesus

The Goodness of Jesus

The Faithfulness of Jesus

The Gentleness of Jesus

The Self-Control of Jesus

Godly Wisdom

Encouragement For Parenting

Encouragement To Live Life To The Fullest

To Say A Prayer For Those Who Need One, Or Two…

Hmmmm – I think this list could be alot longer, but I’ll stop here – : )


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Be Relentless   5 comments

Relentless – not relenting, steady, persistent, determined, immovable, uncompromising, undeviating, unflinching, unstoppable

We need to be relentless about:

our faith,

our beliefs, 

overcoming addictions, 

overcoming sins, 

getting projects done around the house that have been left undone for long periods of time, 

cleaning the car (inside and out), 

keeping in touch with family and friends(as long as they are not exhibiting toxic behavior), 

reading our Bible everyday, 

praying for others everyday, 

praying for ourselves everyday, 

finding at least one person everyday to give a compliment to, 

seeking conversation with Jesus everyday, 

taking time to praise and worship Jesus everyday, 

getting exercise everyday, 

eating healthy everyday, 

getting that closet or room organized, 

getting the yard to look decent, 

spending time with the kids/grandkids(if you can), 

spending time with your spouse,

clean and get rid of stuff in the garage,

thinking positive thoughts about one’s self everyday,

knowing and living it out that you are important to Jesus,

knowing and living it out that you are valuable to Jesus,

knowing and living it out that Jesus has your best interests in mind,

knowing and living it out that ALL things will work out for your good and His glory,

being thankful with what you do have and not complaining about what you don’t have,

saying, “I love you” to a loved one at least once a week(if you can do more great),

getting to know someone better,

If you would like to add anything to this list, give it a try.

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140 Characters, Before, During And Possibly After Twitter   Leave a comment

I just read a blog about the danger of tweeting sermon snippets during the sermon, and probably even after is included. The danger being, reducing what is said into such short “pieces” that the true message is lost.

That led me to the following thought…….

The most memorble and most helpful words I have gotten in my life have been less than 140 characters and some of them have been before twitter even existed and some from reading a tweet…….

1) Holiness is the presence of God, not the absence of sin. (Heard from the mouth of my pastor behind the pulpit about twenty years ago and helps me keep my focus on Jesus instead of my failures.)

2) You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (Of course from the Bible.)

3) You and your family will be here. (Spoken by Jesus Christ to me on a greyhound bus about 17 years ago when I was single and not even in a relationship, this statement to this day helps keep my marriage intact.)

4) People often get married for selfish reasons, but it takes unselfish reasons to stay married. (Tweeted by Rick Warren back in August 2011, another statement that helps keep my marriage intact.)

5) You’re right on schedule. (Spoken by Jesus Christ to me about two months ago. He knew I needed to know I hadn’t failed Him and that I was exactly where I was suppose to be with some of my thoughts and quanderings.)

There are of course many, many adages and sayings like – “A stitch in time saves nine.” , “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” , “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” – that are 140 or less characters long. It seems to me the twitter concept has been around for 1000’s of years.

“JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Again, straight from the Bible.)

I also thought of this verse – Proverbs 17:28 ” Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; when he shuts his lips,  he is considered perceptive. ” Its not the quantity of words spoken, but the quality. (another <140 characters saying.) So I say tweet away tweeters, you never know whom it may help.

And if you don’t tweet…….use old school – a post it note…….or even older school – papyrus/stone tablet……..

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